Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weezer is King

Yesterday I was expected to and I fully planned to give an account of the Weezer concert and how Moose scored us awesome tickets. I planned to tell about how we were walking to dinner we saw the trucks
that carry all of the concert stuff, and then just around the corner we saw the actual buses that carry rock stars of which I did not take a picture because Moose made me bring our old camera and there is a reason we bought a new one.
I planned to post about how dinner at The Greek Cuisina was not what we remembered and though the calamari was still huge delicious pieces of octopus, the fried batter around it tasted like fried grease and the dolmathes that I remember being so yummy made me want to throw up, so....I guess remembering food that you once ate while pregnant as the most delicious meal you ever had is just setting you up for disappointment.
I planned to post about how we got to the concert after the first act but unfortunately in time to see the second act, Angels and Airwaves. They were competent musicians but the tone and tempo if the songs did not seem to be suited to Weezer fans and the singer was weird. I mean weird. He was dancing and mostly prancing about the stage in a floating weird leg hovering manner and his hands did weird things. We saw a lot of his back side - doesn't he know that you aren't really supposed to show your back to the audience? All the while he was describing themselves as a punk rock band which really did not jive with the interpretive dance and sappy songs, but it did jive with his salty language. He sounded like such an idiot. There were two teenage girls however who couldn't afford good tickets that really, really loved this band. They screamed and jumped the entire set. They were more fun to watch than the band.
I was going to post about how Weezer finally came out and they were rockin', and we had a great time. I was going to post about how "King" may have been the best song of the night. Rivers called it a "Fresh Jam." and jumped on a re-bounder. I was going to post about the 4 adorable men sitting behind me. These men must have been at or near 40 years old, they came together just as Weezer started. They were big tall men and they sang along and danced to every song. It just tickled me to look back and see them having such a great time. I fully intended to get a picture of them but these guys were intimidating and when the moment came I chickened out.
I was going to post about how Rivers wore holes in the knees of his track suit, and how if I were his mother that would make me so mad.
I imagine a conversation something like this:
Weezer Mom: "Rivers, you wore holes in you knees again!"
Rivers: "Sorry Mom, but wailing on the guitar like a rock star is hard on the knees."
Weezer Mom: " I don't care what all the other rock stars are doing don't you know these matching track suits cost money?"
Rivers: " Mom, I am a rock star I can buy more track suits."
Weezer Mom: "I don't care if you have more money than Saudi Arabia, this is wasteful."
Rivers: "Mom, the fans love it when I wear holes in the knees."
Weezer Mom: " I don't care what the fans think. Next time you shred just do it on your feet. Do you hear me? Now get back out there and sign various parts of people's anatomy. Here is a sharpie. I have to get to work hemming these track pants into shorts for you to wear."

I planned to post all of those things but instead I went to visit a friend in the Hospital and then on the way home I was almost rear ended. I didn't think it was a big deal but Commander C and Moose witnessed the incident (it was right in front our out house) and Moose was really upset - (the other car was going very fast and my wheels were turned into the oncoming traffic). He tried to chase the car and beat it up. Which really made me feel loved and protected.

After that I just felt quiet and a little shaken and just sat around all day long. I couldn't blog or even knit. So I just sat around.
I am grateful we said a family prayer yesterday morning pleading for protection.


Anonymous said...

HAHA That was such a good blog entry! I loved the weezer conversation! I was laughing out loud... alot ... at work! People think I'm crazy. -Jmo

Anonymous said...

Also earlier today while I was so bored at work I was in the process of visiting my favorite (unblocked)internet sites. something i do every day. Your blog is #2 on the list and there were no new blogs!!! And my heart was sad. so im glad I checked one last time before I left. -Jmo

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

I am so glad you are OK. Every woman needs a knight in shining armor ready to chase down the hit-and-run irritants of our lives. 9 years and you guys are so stinkin' cute still.