Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I don't remember when my fascination began. I must have been very young because I can not remember a time when I wasn't enchanted with India, or at least the idea of India. Elephants, tigers, jewels, silk saris, golden brown skin, heavily incensed air, these images fill my mind when I try to think of the first time I loved India . Perhaps it was when I first read A Little Princess, or maybe it was something else, something I saw when I was very young. When I was around 10 there were some books my grandmother wanted me to have "When I was a little older." I took the books and was free to read them when I wanted to, I read the king Arthur story within a year or so but the book about India I still have, unread.
I have read many books set in India, I love to eat Indian food, I have made several trips to the Sari store to dream about wearing saris. I gently pepper my Indian friend, Renu about the land of her birth, once, she dressed me in a sari, it was so fun. Lately I have been watching Indian movies, mostly dramas about India but a few Bollywood things.
I don't think I will ever travel to India. I would like to but Moose is very adverse to the idea and to be honest there is a long list of places I would like to go before India.
Last night I read a book that I couldn't put down, it was called Sister of My Heart. Finally at 4:15 am I cried defeat and went to sleep. All night I dreamt of henna, curry, bindis and rubies.


Gardners Glad Tidings said...

I will read it - sister of my heart! A little princess is one of my favorite movies ever...can't get through it without crying. India is stunning. Kent went there last fall for a while for school. We have some picture you might just love! It is a diverse stunning country.

Keira said...

I read "The Secret Garden" first so the whole death-of-Mary's-family thing didn't endear me to India. I admire it from a distance but know my travel requirements:
Trustworthy food
Bacteria free water
Plentiful refuges from the local culture

Shallow perhaps but honest. But I do love the bread--they have beautiful bread.