Monday, October 20, 2008


Tonight was the 2nd Annual Spooky Story and Caramel Apple Night here at Samurai Mom's house. It started innocently last year when I gave in to weeks of pleas for caramel apples. Our friend happened to be over and we ate caramel apples told tales in a dark living room with only the glow of the fire and a flashlight.
The friend has been asking all year long when we are going to do it again. So last week I decreed it would happen tonight. This year we served bite sized apples by taking a melon baller to the apples and sticking them on tooth picks. It is the perfect apple to caramel ratio and you don't have wasted apples or sticky faces. We had trouble with the caramel sticking to the wax paper though.
This year we invited a few more friends and I think people were scared because everyone was holding on to someone else and there were a lot of scared squeals.
The boys told tales involving chopped off body parts, Nutmeg declared that everything was "Not scary, just a story about skeletons." I told the ever popular cautionary tale of the Owl Witch. I WANTED to tell this story. The Old Nurse's Story a gothic story by Elizabeth Gaskell. But it was too long and having only read it once I couldn't condense it easily. HERE is a link to the Librivox recording if you want to have it read to you, in the dark, with the sound of the wind howling outside.

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Erika said...

Fun! You could try parchment paper instead of wax paper. :)