Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ever So...

This skirt was going to be called "The Ever So" skirt but somewhere along the way it lost the charm. Maybe it was in the bulging pockets or having to take out my gorgeous top-stitching and pockets only to find 4 hours later that I had to do it all over again. Or the putting in the zipper 7 times. But honestly, I think the problem lies all in the fact that this was a bias cut skirt.
I borrowed La Keira's skirt to knock off and had to size it up, of course problems ensued.
First, the inspiration skirt had a waist band and as I have no room between my hips and waist all waistbands become rumpled and useless, so the waist needed to be changed.
Second, I knew the pockets were going to be trouble so when that proved the case I just eliminated them (this is where the crying over top-stitching happened) which turned out to be a disaster because of the bias cut and I had to put them back in. Then there was the like 7 extra inches of fabric that needed to be taken in and then the zipper. Each time the zipper went in perfectly but the fit of the skirt was wrong and the zipper needed to be moved repeatedly.
This was supposed to be an easy one afternoon job. It is a 4 panel bias cut skirt, not rocket science. It took 3 whole days!
However, now it is done and and a good friend of mine says "Don't inspect the seams" or in this case "Don't inspect the fit" on the waist or the behind. There is a bubbly zipper. Thanks to Paula who spent 2 1/2 hours holding my hand and twisting her brain with me to figure out the kinks.
So the question is what shall we call this skirt?
Options are:
a) The Grey Wool Skirt of Death
b) The Swearing Skirt
c) Saggy Bottoms
d) The Buying a Pattern is SO Worth It Skirt
or e) The Ever So Skirt


Jessica said...

I'm torn between a and b but I think I'm leaning more toward b. Even though it's not exactly what you wanted...it still looks darling in the pictures. We are all missing you here!

Keira said...

The "Look at my awesome hips" skirt. Seriously, that does things for you. I can't wait to be inappropriately match-y with you.

Afton said...

Sounds like the same experience I had making the "I lost the Spirit for a month" pie crust. I now just buy pre-made pie crusts. Good job for sticking with the skirt...I think the results are lovely.

Jessica said...

How about the hidden option which is I'll just pay the 50 or 60 dollars and buy it from the Gap option!

Jessica said...

The last post and this post are being posted by Shawnel. Only I am on Jessicas computer and didnt realize that I would come up as Jessica

Raspberry Leaf said...

I hate projects that turn out that way... I usually give up and never finish them... except for the 1930s reproduction dress with a pattern made by the HORRIBLE big 3 company... that needed serious alterations in the bust but by that time I had to finish or I would have nothing to wear for my sister's wedding...
Congratulations on your tenacity though!

M said...

Well...it does look great :)