Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's All Your Fault, One Pretty Thing

At first she said "Can I tell you I am really enjoying that 'One Pretty Thing' blog you link to on Samurai Mom?" But now La Keira routinely tells me "It's all your fault."

I completely agree, but it's not MY fault it is One Pretty Thing's fault. It's One Pretty Thing's fault that my "to make" list grows EVERY day, because One Pretty Thing posts links to fabulous crafts every single day and every single day there is at LEAST one thing that I love, sometimes many.

Several times a week I say "Oh, I saw something on One Pretty Thing that would be just right for such and such."

Today, My sister told me that "One Pretty Thing" had ruined her life and I agreed quickly. How does One Pretty Thing ruin lives? Well, imagine you have a productive day of housekeeping, errand running and childrearing planned, you are sitting at your computer checking your blogs when you click onto One Pretty Thing, before you know it, you have found the perfect craft and you find yourself gathering supplies and crafting. The next time you look at the clock it is 4:30 and time to clean up for dinner. Also you find yourself thinking about nothing but the cool craft seen on One Pretty Thing, who you will make it for and where you will put it.

I dread clicking on One Pretty Thing each day for fear of how that one little click might change my life.

I now force myself to look at One Pretty Thing as fast as possible, glance quickly and ONLY click on the links that I love or look incredibly fascinating. If I don't love it at first glance, it is GONE!

Go to One Pretty Thing and check it out if you dare!

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jojoebi said...

LOL, I have to agree but it is like crack (I imagine, I have never tried it) one taste and you're done for.
Did you listen to her podcast on craftypod? 4000 blogs in her reader, HOW does she do it?