Sunday, November 01, 2009

Goals Check Up

I posted my goals for the year back in January, I thought that it was time for a little check-up to see how I am doing.

Spend more time interacting with each of the children.
Yes, I am doing this. I feel very good about it, but of course one can always feel like they need to spend more time with their children.

Do Family Home evening more.
I think we are about the same this year as last year. The good news is Boba Fett always asks what we are doing for FHE. His favorite is Movie and Popcorn night.

Serve more.
Check! But I still can do MORE!

Adopt more structure into our day.
Check! Thank you unplugged!

Sew a tartan Christmas Skirt.
Halfway done and I am adding a Nutmeg Sized one into the bargain.

Crochet snowflakes.
I made 37 in January - short of the 100 in the book but still enough for a killer installation come November 27th.

If handmade Christmas gifts are to be given - start them in September.
I started buying supplies in September, so sort of... I don't plan on making a whole lot this year.

Figure out how to read while knitting.
Check. I am making do with the reading pillow.

Go walking.
I did this for 2 weeks in January and I even knit a little ensemble to keep my ears and hands warm. I loved it. What I didn't love is waking up early. So small yes with a big NO. Learn to listen and ask better questions.
Working on this one but I have a long way to go.

I think I have done well so far this year.


Afton said...

Good job on the goals and a big BRAVO for posting your progress. I'm just regretting I opened my big mouth on my blog with my goals because I have not been successful at all.

Samurai Mom said...

Afton the Key is to make your goals "goals" not resolutions and to make them vague. See how many of mine say "More" rather than a specific number of times or "every single day"

Afton said...

Oh, I think I was too specific. "Submit story to the Friend and New Era." I didn't get my lap top until October! How could I be expected to write on that old computer. :)