Friday, November 20, 2009

Living in the Future

Living in The Future is awesome. Who would have ever thought that I could watch movies instantly from my TV? I just pick a movie on Netflix and watch it. Who would have ever imagined movies in the mail? Once we couldn't even imagine watching movies at home or even Movie Rental stores. MP3 players are so awesome, what used to be an entire record store inventory is now a small fraction of the memory of an iPod.
Then there is the Internet, talk about future. I can go shopping without leaving my couch or my jammies. I can send links to my sister on IM and discuss each item in detail all over the intertubes. Going e-shopping with my sisters is one of my favorite activities. The business and income applications of the Internet alone are staggering

And there is the vast amounts of knowledge available online coupled with the ability to communicate all over the globe instantly. 5 minutes ago is old news on the Internet. We also have the ability to keep in touch with people who we may have lost long ago. Just when you think that the Internet is destroying relationships it finds a way to strengthen them.

Living in the future is awesome, but I can't wait to live in the future future.

Some of the things I am looking forward to:

Transporting: There has to be a was to travel instantly sometime and I look forward to living some place really cool and hopefully involving a castle but still being able to go to lunch with my mom. I will also welcome the ability to go to D. C. in an instant and kick some Representative behinds.

Sonic showers a la Star Trek: I despise showers. I like being clean and all but I resent the time it takes out of my life and then the hour to an hour and a half it takes for my hair to dry. If sonic showers are part of the future sign me up!

Speaking of hair, Why haven't we figured out how to make hair curly instantly and straight in another instant? I look forward to hair styling machines like Jane Jetson.

Robots: Really, robots have been around for close to a century why isn't there a robot in every household yet? A robot to do the menial chores. I will take a Rosie from the Jetsons robot or a Data-like android or even an I, Robot robot from the movie but not from the book, because the book robots are kinda scary.

Also, I wonder when the men folk will be sporting the head wear that was promised for the year 2000.


Afton said...

I love how they thought we'd all have sleeves and high necklines in the future. And how did I ever catch my man with out that head light?

Shawnel said...

I agree with the sonic showers and jane jetson Hair machines.

Amy said...

Wow. The only thing they got right was the "women will wear pants and leave dresses" or something along those lines. Women did leave off the skirts and mainly wear pants now. I love that video! It is so fun! Thanks for posting it.