Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Into the Land of Respectability

As you might have guessed we are in the midst of getting the house into a condition where we can sell it, luckily the few changes we have just finished have made a HUGE difference. First, the siding, it needed to be replaced badly and the paint job was the laughing stock of the neighborhood. The peeling paint was SO bad. It was embarrassing. It was shameful. On the bright side, I think my neighbors might start talking to me again!

I know that I told my dad I had taken "before" pictures of the house, but apparently I have gone to great pains over the last few years NOT to capture my dilapidated house in a photo. Any photograph I have has been carefully arranged to show as little of the actual exterior of the house as possible.

This is the only photo I can find and it is from 2001 BEFORE we bought the house, so add 8 years and lots of peeling paint on the green trim.
And the "after"
Isn't it amazing? ( I know the yard is a disaster but give me a break I have had workers tramping all over my yard for a month.)
The back...
This was our "deck" before, gross, I know, it was dangerous too.
Our deck now....snazzy. I designed it.The view from our glass door before complete with Bendaroos artwork on the glass
The view from my door now. Beautiful. It just opened up the whole yard and made it feel so much bigger. We might actually use it now.
I am tickled pink. If anyone wants to use Forest Hills Builders and Steve Matiaco's team I fully recommend them.
The Colors: Sherwin Williams Roycroft Pewter, Roman Column and Roycroft Copper Red
The Deck: Trex Decking in Woodland Brown
Tomorrow, the kitchen renovation!!!!


Anonymous said...

It does look so much better - like a completely different house! Can't wait to see the kitchen renovations - you lucky duck! Are you sure you want to move now? With all those new updates, you may just have to stick it out a bit longer to enjoy the hard work put into it....and then move to a house with a big yard a bit later.


Sarah said...

fabulous! That made a huge difference!