Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You Can't Raise a Baby Without ... Signing Time

My baby days are over. Little potties, baby carriers and nursing are a thing of the past at our house. Since I am not currently doing those things I don't have much occasion to blog about them, so I am going to do a little series called "Samurai Mom's You can't raise a baby without." I will be sharing with you the things that I would never ever raise a baby without. Whether you chose to adopt these practices or not is completely up to you, please don't think I am being pushy, I am simply sharing the things that have made my life easier.

Enough with the explanations and on the the advice.

#1- Signing Time Videos

This one is not hard, anyone can do it, and with library access everyone should be doing it (yes, that means you La Keira)

This is as difficult as putting in a DVD for your baby or toddler to watch on TV, that's it. They DVDs even play on a loop if you are too lazy to use the remote.

Signing Time DVDs teach you and your baby American Sign Language and help them you communicate before their verbal skills have developed

What are the benefits? Well let me tell you a little story. When Nutmeg was 12 months old she started watching Signing Time. By the time she was 18 months old and most children are in prime tantrum phase Nutmeg was clearly communicating her desires with a vocabulary of about 70-100 words. Instead of whining and pointing she would simply sign what she wanted. Not tears, no frustration on her part or mine.

I remember one time when she pointed to a tree, I assumed she was interested in the tree and started talking about it, then she signed bird, I looked up and saw a bird. I had completely misunderstood what she wanted to tell me until she signed. Signing Time makes your life much easier and it helps you communicate and understand what is going on inside of those little heads.

So exert yourself so much as to click on Youtube or reserve a copy of Signing Time at your library, plop your kid in front of the screen and change your life!

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