Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Kitchen

I don't know that there is much to say about this kitchen revamp. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Old red paint - replaced with our favorite shade, "Marital Discord". Itty bitty shallow sink and tiny old faucet - replaced with decent sized sink and a tall faucet. Gross, stained sea green laminate counters - gone now with a fantastic faux granite laminate. Worn, dirty, whitewashed, dated cabinets - refaced and replaced with shaker alder doors. Hardware is still to be added, back-ordered you know. Clutter - found a home.

The house looks SO much better and fresh. I have even been KEEPING my kitchen clean. The drawers are all new which means I will no longer have drawers falling out or leaving flecks of mystery metal in my casserole dishes. The drawers are narrower and my silverware tray no longer fits and I am not happy with the options in the stores. I know what I want but "Ouch!" expensive..
Remember the 10 year old tea kettle?
Meet my new tea kettle. It whistles, I have always wanted a whistling kettle.This is the old chair we salvaged from my in-laws 5 years ago. It is so comfy I had to save it.
My mom recovered it with my inspiration fabric for the school room/ kitchen. What a dear. I was supposed to help her but she did it all without me. I love her even more than I love my new chair! She did it with supplies from my stash - we only had to buy a little bit of extra cording and some Velcro.


Anonymous said...

Kylene! It is beautiful! Great job!
-Emily Yates

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What a dramatic difference the paint makes! This is going to sound creepy, but I had that SAME tea kettle and replaced it with the SAME one you replaced it with!!!! Weird, right? Emily uses the old one in her play kitchen. Anyway, you have great taste. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, the transformation is amazing! Awesome work!

-Megan Drury