Friday, October 16, 2009

One more "Before" and "After"

Just one more "before" and "after" post. This one was not planned, not expected, and I am not happy about it.

Nutmeg's hair before:
Nutmeg's hair after:
"Not too bad." you say? Well, turn to the left,
and the right,
and behind.
The first thing I did was freak out and scream "NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Then I went looking for the hair. I said aloud "Where did Nutmeg cut her hair?" Boba Fett piped up "In the living room." How did he know that? Well, he watched her do it! I found the huge pile of hair as I wailed and found my phone and called the hair lady, Julie."Are you Ok?" She kept asking. She has been through this before.
We paid Julie a morning visit and I think I am going to be alright. In fact, this is the haircut I wanted for Nutmeg a couple of years ago.
I have done a bit of thinking about this in the last 15 hours. Even though she has never had much hair and I was just thinking for the first time in 3/12 years how it was finally looking good, hair WILL grow back. She didn't cut the front or close to the scalp in the top.
And honestly, she is my daughter and I don't love her for her hair, or what a pretty pictures she makes. If she had been injured in an accident or burned on of most of her body, or a mad barber had taken her captive I would be so glad just to have my daughter here with me.

Having a daughter is more than hair bows, cute outfits and painting fingernails. Having a daughter is about love and spending hours together, teaching her how to be a caring, nurturing woman, about loving each other, having girl's night, reading stories and being best friends.

I think we will be O.K.


Erika said...

Oh no!!! I cried when my daughter cut her hair, I feel your pain! At least it looks really cute after it got fixed up! I'll have to get your hairstylist's number.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love her fierce look in the "after" picture! And she looks adorable with the stylist's new 'do!

-Megan Drury

Katharine A said...

She looks sweet - I think it's a great cut!

I just cut H's hair (in his sleep), and took the curls off above his ears for the first time. He's 18 months and it feels like this is his first 'little boy' haircut. I'm still missing those baby curls.

I'm sure it will be even harder with a girl... but I can't wait!