Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Deal

I did a little Holiday un-shopping today. By un-shopping I mean, I went out to the shops and returned things.
At the Lego Store I like to think I made some one's day. After I returned a gift that was no longer needed I handed my $5 coupon to a lady in line who had a pile of Indiana Jones Legos in her arms.

At Target I returned a towel and Christmas lights for 24.98 or so. Then I picked up leg warmers (because I know I will never make any for myself and it is -15 degrees in Kalispell), a small gift for Commander C's best buddy, a pair of socks on clearance, and the main point of the trip, a pair of Yoga pants for myself so all the guests at Christmas don't have to see me in my jammies that have holes in the crotch. The pants were 19.99.

Or so I thought. At the register, my total was 19.44. What? "I asked the clerk really, that's the total?" I accepted it and then looked at the receipt the pants rung up as pants for $4.98. I was sorely tempted to go get 3 more pairs. In the end I left Target with needed necessities and about 5 and a half bucks.

I love a bargain.

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