Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nutmeg Fears The Jolly Old Elf

Well Boba Fett is afraid of Obama and Nutmeg is afraid of Santa Claus.
That's right, she is terrified that he is going to come through her window. She asks each night in a worried voice if Santa is coming tonight as she clings to me. I was just dancing and singing to the Jackson 5's Santa Claus is Coming to Town and she came up to me and said "Mom our home is not a town, right?"
Yesterday we rounded a corner at the Pittock Mansion ans ran into a Santa and I was afraid of an incident but I think she knew he wasn't the real thing, his beard was pretty short, and he was awfully skinny.

What should we do? Spill the beans? She isn't quite 3 years old yet, that seems harsh, I never remember believing in Santa and I don't feel deprived of anything?
Personally I don't do anything to promote Santa but I don't disillusion anyone anyhow. Besides Santa came in very handy the year Commander C had a problem with stealing and he got a note from Santa and no Bionicle.


Mossy Wife said...

My vote...spill the beans. My brother was afraid of the tooth fairy when he was 3 because my oldest brother told him she came and ripped your teeth out. There was no consoling him, so Mom and Dad had to spill the beans, and once one of the myths unraveled, they all had to come undone. I think it would be best to tell her rather than have her fear the most wonderful time of the year.

Randee said...

My thoughts on the subject is I don't want to disillusion my children with Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny... etc. I don't feed my kids about stories about Santa and entertain the thought. Some of my kids believe in him just from hearing about him all around us, but when they start to question and ask me... I tell them he's not real. To some parents this may seem cruel, but to me... being honest feels like the right thing to do. I try to focus my children's attention on Christ for Christmas instead.

Afton said...

I've always told my kids Santa is the spirit of giving and that anyone can be Santa if they have the spirit of giving at Christmas. I tell them there is not just one Santa, but many and even they can be a Santa if they are giving and show charity and love.

As for your 3 year old, she just needs to be reassured that you would never let anyone sneak into the house ever. Even someone who has presents.

I'd start with that and see how it goes. Ask a lot of questions to see what she is thinking and just alleviate any fears she has.

I was terrified every Christmas Eve about a stranger coming into our house...AND my mom told me when I was 5 what's what about Santa and I still thought someone was sneaking into our home.

Mica Chica said...

Yeah, I would spill the beans..

My parents sat us all down last year and told everybody. Even little Goosie! Margenius was just in shock I think.

I already had figured it out on my own, and my Mom knew that. I had actually know for a few years!

I agree. It would be better for her to know, than to have her be afraid.

~ Chica

P.S. Tell Nutmeg, a very thank you for those adorable pictures! Mine is slid into the front sleeve of my KOL notebook, so everyone will see it in class! :)