Monday, February 16, 2009

The House Where Samurai Mom Grew Up.

This is the house where Samurai Mom Grew up (well sort of, yes, I did grow up in this house but it was much smaller and way less cool when I lived here.)
This is the living room that I did not grow up watching TV in, this used to be our yard and deck. But now it is a large and fabulous room for having one's friends over to visit in. Note the balcony and hard wood floors and how the rooms flow so freely. We had tiny little boxes unfit for company.This is not the kitchen I learned to cook in. The original kitchen was as wide as a hallway and as long as a bathroom. It was tiny and had a cut out that looked into the living room.
This is the Living room that I did grow up watching TV in, it had pink carpet, there was a door where the china cabinet is.This is the Piano that belongs to me but lives at my parent's house. Since I don't play, I don't miss it too much, but I do love it. There used to be a wood stove and brick hearth in the corner on the left. That stove kept the house so warm that sometimes we would have to open the doors in the winter because it was so hot.
This is the bedroom I slept in from 5-8 years and 14-17 years. It used to have a dark 80's trim window that I would sometimes imagine was ebony. That is the vanity that was in my room and It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, there is a matching dresser and bed, but the bed has structural issues. Yes that is a massage table in there. Don't ask.
This is the bedroom that I slept in from 8-14 years. My dad and the missionaries built it for my eighth birthday. (Those are my snowflake toes.)
It used to be pink with a fantastic old fashioned blue and plaster ceiling, not pictured here because it has been painted over because no one around here respects tradition. The plaster on the ceiling made little pictures that you could look up and imagine stories about - like finding shapes in the clouds.
That is the little window that was all the natural light for the room, and the fire escape. Nice.
This is the laundry chute in the bathroom. It is a hole my dad cut in the floor of the bathroom closet. I am sure a few children went down it, (never me - definitely Mr. Moss) we were always being told to keep the door shut so the current baby would not fall down it. Now there is no door and grandbabies are free to fall down the hole at will.
These are some of Boss Moss' cowboy hats. To the right you can see the sleeves of his band uniforms...Remind me to tell you about Boss Moss' musical talents some day.

This is a new addition to one of the walls in the house, a huge framed map of Montana, I am jade green with envy, my mom will not give it to me and Moose says I can't bring it home.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my childhood home. I meant to publish this in December but the pictures wouldn't load and then ...I forgot.

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grandmawhitehouse said...

It is that unromantic lady that lives in the white house that does not respect tradition, she is the evil dooer that painted our ceiling. I went down kicking and screaming!!