Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Night Cinema - True Love Edition

I have been searching all week for an appropriate Saturday Night Cinema recommendation for Valentine's Day. I wanted a movie about true love, good love, a move that made you feel good about being in love. I was a bit disconcerted to learn that all of my favorite love stories are a little bit twisted; Jane Eyre - wife in the attic, Hero - killing, Brief Encounter - spouses in the way, and the list becomes more sordid.

I nearly settled on an Affair to Remember but that seems a bit done, "Holiday" with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn is the last film I watched and it was a great movie but not the love I was looking for. Finally, I settled on an indisputable classic and a movie everyone loves. Honestly, have you ever met anyone who didn't enjoy "The Princess Bride?"
Boy loves girl. Boy declares undying love for girl and sets out to make his fortune, girl thinks boy is dead, girl is forced to marry the wicked Prince, boy, now sexy pirate, saves girl. The girls love it because it is romantic, the boys like it because it is funny (and for the revenge), and the kids like it for all of those reasons. The title of the book (which is even more hilarious than the movie) even includes "Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure." What more can you ask?
Watch this movie with your sweetie, quote each and every line, admire the wedding dress that you wanted to have, and you can let the kids watch it with you or not.


Keira said...

Every time I watch this I wonder why they don't make better movies anymore...

crashhanna said...

wuv, twu wuv.