Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Spreading...

My friend K, from University has a cute little blog full of fabulous pictures of her baby. She has made me so happy. She has started Dad Appreciation Days in her home and is blogging it too. Some of the things I remember about K is that she is always very thoughtful and purposeful. I want to be like her so much, one day I will blog about her. I am, to say the least, flattered that she likes the idea of Appreciation Days

This makes me wonder, Is anyone else planning Appreciation Days for their beloved? If so leave me a comment. You can link to your blog if you have one. Let's have a goal to spread the appreciation word to everyone. I think in this topsy turvy world it is important that we let out children's fathers know that we think they are important.

(K, I hope you don't mind that I swiped this picture from your blog)

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Katharine A. said...

Very flattered. :)
It is easy, as a busy wife and mother, to start feeling resentful for little freedoms that dads have, and to focus on what they don't do rather than all the things they DO do. I know my husband is someone who gives a whole lot more than most other dads, but I still lose sight of that sometimes. This is a great idea - thanks.