Saturday, February 07, 2009

Notes to Self (and Moose)

Do not take the kids out to eat.

Do not take the kids out to eat at Newport Bay.

Newport Bay is much more expensive than you remember.

Newport Bay has cut down on their portion sizes, 5 slices of seared Ahi Tuna for $22 is not a good value.

Order the Salmon.

Nutmeg will NOT eat her burger - just order fries.

Newport Bay DOES take reservations - waiting 35 minutes is not fun.

Your cell phone has a cool game to play while waiting.

It is amazing how Newport Bay can take an inch of apple and slice it to look like 3 kid's servings of apples.

The $15 off card you get in the mail will pay for the tip or you could look at it as they pay for 2 kid's meals which your kids will not eat. This is NOT a bargain.

The next time Samurai Mom is too depressed to cook dinner she should make a run to Sushi Town and pick up a box of corn dogs on the way home.

Even though $14.99 a lb at the market seems dreadfully expensive it is a bargain compared to eating at Newport Bay. It is OK to buy $3o worth of salmon at the grocery store.

We will be eating off of the food storage this next week to make up for the bill at Newport Bay

Print out this note and refer to it the next time you are tempted to eat out.


Margo said...

We had gift certificates that the manager of the Washington Square restaurant gave us in return for a substantial discount off his pizza order that he ordered for his staff on Black Friday. So our meal only cost us $3.50 plus tip. We wouldn't have been there otherwise. Our next dinner out will be at Applebee's, followed by Olive Garden, because we also have gift cards for those places. :)

Raspberry Leaf said...

Sounds like my night last night!

Keira said...

We just went to a sports bar place on TV Highway Li'l Cooperstown with a great atmosphere and a fantastic menu. I had the best prime rib sandwich there...

Go there next time. You won't regret it.

Afton said...

I've found the same unhappy kind of changes at our favorite place...Chevy's. They changed the salsa which I think should have required an act of Congress. It's completely different and not even that good. The chip baskets are tiny and the entrees are MUCH smaller and more expensive. It's just sad.