Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hollywood Inspirations- Posh Hair

I was trying to explain to my mom what I meant by 50's hair. This is what I mean Mom.
I am toying with these looks for the next version of Samurai Mom, that is of course after I grow out my hair long enough to get the the last vision.
The last vision was to be able to do some fabulous Victorian hairstyles with my own hair. I have an unseemly amount of thick hair and I think I can get away with a lot of fun hair styles, use a lot of hair pins and combs, and amaze people with the natural thickness of my own hair. I still have several inches and a couple of years before I reach that length.If I ever get to that point and have some fun with it I might revisit the Elizabeth Taylor in a couple of years and see how I like it. My concern is this: didn't women have to go to the salon once a week to get their hair set? What does that mean? Did it take a lot of time? Will I be too lazy to achieve this look.? Probably, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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Jenny said...

Oh have fun with your hair! Hair is change-able and grows back. I'm having so much fun with mine right now ;) Heck, if you can't change the body, change the hair, right! I love the 50's style look and you could totally go for that right now. Also, women did have their hair set once a week but that's simply because they didn't have the right product like we do now. It's worth the money to have someone do your hair and teach you how to style it so it takes you 10 minutes or so to do your hair each day. I'll be looking forward to your new hot, sexy, new pics