Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Get Well Soon Flowers

Nutmeg is not well today. We aren't sure if it is a cold or just dextoxing. I made her a lemon and spice "tea" and brought it and lunch to her on a tray with a paper flower I whipped up.

Sweet, adorable, thoughtful Boba Fett put on his coat and went outside to look for a real flower for his little sister. I tried to tell him there were no flowers yet, but he was determined. Of course, he couldn't find one but he won't have to wait long, my violets usually bloom at the end of February and you can be sure I will be telling you all about them.


grandmawhitehouse said...

Oh my Nutmeg. Give her a kiss for me.

Katharine A. said...

Get well soon, pretty Nutmeg.

Love, Katharine