Thursday, January 14, 2010

Samurai Mom and The Case of the Missing Coupons

The shopping at Michael's was a little more expensive this year as coupons were scarce. Sure, you can use Joann coupons but sometimes you need your Joann coupons for fabric.

I couldn't figure out why everyone in the neighborhood was getting the Food Day newspaper in their driveway and I wasn't. I even thought about stealing the one in front of the single-guy-who-never-takes-out-the-trash-and-lives-like-a-hermit's house as I am sure he doesn't read the paper or need the coupons but stealing is stealing even if they don't want it.

The Food Day newspaper as everyone in town knows has the valuable Michael's coupon in it.

One day I presented my online Michael's coupon printed with the very last breath of my printer to the gal at the checkout. She let out a loud sigh and then squinted and attempted to decipher the bar code. She was not amused nor moved by my babbling tale of how the newspaper hasn't been coming for some reason, and my printer is out of ink and it costs $70 to fill it....

So finally after months of suffering I mentioned something about the Food Day newspaper and the coupons included while setting the table "Oh," Moose said " I happened to catch the guy as he was delivering one day and asked him to stop bringing them. I was tired of picking them up."

He asked the newspaper guy to stop bringing me my Michael's coupons.

He asked the newspaper guy to stop bringing me my Michael's coupons!!!

If you ever have spare Michael's coupons I will gratefully accept them.


Afton said...

We can request to have those lumps of wet paper NOT delivered??!
(OK, I'll start pulling out my Michael's coupon for you.)

Moose said...

In my defense, there were many weeks where they piled up in the driveway acting as sponges. So its not like the coupon foraging was a well known fact.

And yes you can have the delivery stopped, but you have to ask the guy doing it. As the newspaper people don't care.

I might also add that newspaper is a dying medium, so any store foolish enough to only advertise in one is doomed. DOOMED I say.