Tuesday, January 05, 2010

WIST-fully Yours

The problem with being crafty and being crafty combined with "the internets" is that there are SO many things to make and so very little time. Hitherto OnePrettyThing has been burying me in fantastic ideas. How can one keep track of it all.? When the big birthday party comes up I might forget or worse remember but not be able to find the really cool invitations. Well fret no more. Say "Goodbye" to never ending scraps of paper with lists of "TO MAKE" scrawled upon them. Say "Hello" to wists.com. It is like an online notebook of things you like. I am using it as I use my Ravelry queue making lists of things that I want to make or buy.

This is my wist.

It looks like you can have "wist friends" and see one anothers wists. Pretty cool.

Wist-fully Yours,
Samurai Mom


Keira said...

I have some of these things saved in my noggin, myself. Dangerous tool you've given me...

Anonymous said...

that looks fabulous!