Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow in Miniature

I saw this post over at Sugar City Journal and I loved the idea and stored it away in my mind never thinking I would be able to find little dwarfs, but I did (not a week later) at The Decorette Shop.
I only had organic sugar which is expensive and NOT white but I did have a whole lot of cheap salt for cleaning purposes so I cracked them all open and poured salt into every glass vessel I could find. We had so much fun setting them up we just couldn't stop with one.
Mining for beads from my jewelry making supplies.
The garden of Lego plants.
Stumbling upon some freakishly large rats.
And a ninja sneaking up on a bear.
Originally I had the bear sneaking up on the ninja. I thought it was hilarious. No one else seemed to get it and they insisted that they swap positions. Boring.

This was a great project to fill the post Christmas Decoration void and because I use the salt for laundry not eating I can still use it which I would not have been able to do with sugar.

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