Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts, I love you!

"The Scott heard round the world" they have called it.

I think that is cute as a button and I hope accurate. Regardless I am tickled pink about Scott Brown's win over Martha Coakely for Senator of Massachusetts.

Why do I care?

I care because Brown's unlikely win in Massachusetts the bluest of the blue states gives me hope. Hope for Oregon, hope for Washington and hope for my Nation.
Hope that there are enough people angry enough at Washington to elect real patriots to office this fall against all the odds.

Here is one reason I am excited about Scott Brown, in a debate when asked how he could sit in Ted Kennedy's seat and stop health care reform he didn't miss a beat and said "It's not the Kennedy's seat, it's not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat."
And for the record he isn't against health care reform. He is against useless government bureaucracies taking over our health care system and further bankrupting our country.
And we all now that these bills aren't about health care reform. If they were serious about health care reform they would ENCOURAGE health savings accounts, have some sort of tort reform and allow people to buy insurance from companies in other states, and sever insurance from employers, at the very LEAST. But the current bills do none of those things.

And from Brown's victory speech tonight
"In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them. "
God Bless him. I hope he lives up to his promise, Heaven help him if he doesn't

But anyway, on to the point of this post. What if we all were to say "Thank you" to Massachusetts by supporting a Massachusetts business this week? Buy something online or in person if you can and tell the business why you are patronizing them. Tell them "I am buying something from you as my way of saying "Thank You Massachusetts for electing Scott Brown!'"
Even if the proprietor didn't vote or supported Coakely you can say "See, Scott Brown is good for Massachusetts already!"

I don't know anyone in Massachusetts, I have never been to Massachusetts. I hope one day I will be able to visit but it is 3,100 miles to Boston so I may not ever realize that dream. But I can search online and buy something from Massachusetts.

The first Google search entry for "Massachusetts Business" is a pastry shop that ships so that is always good and you can see the results of an Etsy search for Massachusetts here!

Join me and the rest of the nation in saying "Thanks Massachusetts!"


Lara Neves said...

I was so happy I cried when I heard Coakley conceded the election.

I love your idea about saying thanks to Mass. by supporting their businesses. You are too smart.

Sus & co said...

i'm from massachusetts! you should visit. it's a fantastic place full of culture, the best education in the states, and independent thinking people - as was proved on tuesday.

melissa (independent voter in the great state of mass)

Jeanie Anderson said...

Can we be friends? I really like your blog. I have gotten really into politics lately, but I don't articulate very well in sharing my conservative views with others, so mostly I just talk to my husband about it all. I am adding your blog to my favorites list, hope that is okay. Jeanie Anderson
(also LDS, I live in Branson, MO)