Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday Night Cinema

Never Say Goodbye
Date: 1946
Director: James V. Kern
Starring: Eleanor Parker, Errol Flynn, Patti Brady

Pin-up Artist Phil Gayley tries to reunite with his ex-wife much to the delight of his precocious and hilarious 8 year old daughter "Flip."

I laughed out loud for this entire film. I really loved it. My favorite part is at the beginning when Flip tells her father about her pen pal "Wickie" who turns out to be a Marine. She has been writing to him with the help of a booklet entitled "How to Write Letters to Soldiers." Oh how I wish I had a photo of that booklet! Flip has been signing her letters "Smoochie" and sent a picture of her mother when she modeled for her a pin up.

Eleanor Parker is the very lovely Baroness Scrader from the Sound of Music.

Hattie McDaniel and Forrest Tucker co-star.

I can't find it on Netflix but I saw it on TCM. May the force be with you if you find it and try to capture a screen image of that booklet for me!

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Amy said...

Oooh, I adore old movies! I can't wait to find this one and watch it, it looks hilarious! Thank you for the recommendation!