Friday, January 01, 2010

Special Delivery

I would like to say I just stumbled upon this mailbox and instantly knew what to do with it but the truth is even better. I knew I wanted a vintage mailbox and it was my mission to find one on Boxing Day. While my Mom and Dad and I were hitting the antiques shops I was looking out the car window at all of the mailboxes and saying "Like that one," "That is too big," "Too ugly," etc...

We found this one at the FIRST SHOP. Just one of the reasons boxing day was a smashing shopping spectacular. I am putting my bills in it and hanging our keys on the hooks. I have decided that it looks lonely and I want more mailboxes at LEAST two more.
I also picked out lovely yarn and buttons for this.
Got screaming deals for all of this jewelry because I know a guy.
Found a dinner bell.... (cute nail polish eh?)

Found "antique" spindles for less than half the price they were at the yarn store.

My dad bought this amazing cookbook
I don't know about the recipes (because I haven't tried them) but every page is a work of art.
I spent too much money on this...

I found this little bit of loveliness to powder my nose.

And I ate a tuna burger at Vinny's Sushi that I kept thinking about for days.
Boxing Day antiquing was smashing success.


Keira said...

Thank goodness I have a dinner bell or I would be drooling over yours!

Afton said...

Suddenly, I need a dinner bell.