Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Own Private Buffalo

I want a buffalo ranch, I want to wake up to the sight of a herd of bison running across the field. They move as one across the landscape. I think buffalo are beautiful and even more beautiful as a herd.

As this is a goal unlikely to be fulfilled I present to you a buffalo of my own.
Made with Celluclay (a fancy paper mache,) by me, every single bump. My mom refused to help. I am glad she did.

My dad suggested I give him to the Gardners (friends of ours who have a buffalo ranch) I refused flatly pointing out that they have their own bison and unless they were willing to consider an even exchange my buffalo for one of theirs they can settle for a picture.

Shall we have a contest? What to name my buffalo. Leave your suggestion in the comments. The winner gets bragging rights!


Anonymous said...

does your buffalo have a head?

Shawnel said...

HA HA HA Janessa's comment is so funny!

Kim said...

Call him "TONKA" that is the Sioux Indian word for "Big"