Friday, December 11, 2009

Making a List, Checking it Twice

I have been crossing things off of my list this week. Finishing up the ends of projects and packing things up to send them away, or wrap and place under the tree.On Monday I made the fantastic contents of this box which I can not post because the recipient is a reader, she is going to love it and on January 13th I will show you what is inside so you can love it too.
I got the idea for this little guy via One Pretty Thing and made up my own pattern and whipped one up for my Little Latin Lover who turned one this weekend. He loves it as do my kids, they were a little jealous.
La Keira got a hand warmer and Calorimetry set for her Birthday
I think I am perfecting the rag curls. I love, my friends love and Moose loves the curly hair.
It has been below freezing here for about a week. This is unusual for us and people have frozen pipes and broken furnaces and all sorts of tragedies. We have been blessed and our biggest challenge is bundling up before we go outside. Here you see Boba Fett ready to play.And Nutmeg in the hat I whipped up in no time. I LOVE super bulky yarn.
There has been a whole lot of crafting going on from home made Christmas ornaments and pictures to fantastic Lego creations.

Moose and I had a favorite, it was this:But then we saw this:
See how Picard is bald and Ryker's charisma comes through his black hair?The bridge of the Enterprise has never made us so proud...
I turned this unflattering and yet lovely Irish wool cardigan into this:
I felt very guilty purposely felting a lovely sweater to turn into a laptop bag. But I need need a bag and the sweater wasn't being worn...
It needs a brown belt for a strap, so if you have one lying around...
And then today La Keira helped me make these:
To spread the holiday cheer you know.I hope your Christmas preparations are as much fun as ours have been.


Jessica said...

I CANNOT WAIT until January 13th! Eeeek! I love my birthday! :) Also, I adore the curls as well. I am so sad I won't get to see your darling littles bundled up like that in person, but the pictures are definitely cute. Love you Kylene!

Keira said...

Enterprise is wicked cool.

How many rags do you deep for your hair? (And I DO love it.)

And your signs are totally boss. You should make some cute-sy political ones.