Sunday, December 20, 2009

Matching Stockings: A Cautionary Tale

In 1959 my mother and father in law started a family. 4 little girls arrived in quick succession and a matching set of Christmas stockings was purchased. Then Moose showed up in 1977 and a matching stocking could not be found and so a stocking was made at a department store. And he was scarred for life, every Christmas the toe pointing in the wrong direction and the glittered name reminded him that he was the caboose. Scarred for 30 years.
And then his fabulous wife made him a reproduction stocking. She also made matching stockings for herself and the children so no one would be left out.
So, let this be a lesson to all the mothers out there who have a set of matching stockings and haven't go around to getting one for the "baby" of the family. Either commit matching or let everyone have different stocking, because you can't guarantee that they will marry someone crafty.


Trisha said...

but they might marry a therapist...

Lara Neves said...

Awesome post! I finally got matching stockings for my family this year. Hopefully they'll still be selling them if I have another child, because they cost a pretty penny!

Before now we had three matching stockings that I bought when my oldest was born. As each child was born, Mom or Dad just didn't have one. :)