Saturday, December 19, 2009

You Don't think I am the Kind of Girl That Would Throw Herself at a Man Do You?

Last Christmas, my Aunt Janie asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told her unhesitatingly that I wanted fabric to make a plaid Christmas skirt. I wouldn't have time to make it that year but definitely for Christmas 2009. She told me to go out and buy the fabric as gift from her. I did. Then at an after Christmas clearance sale I bought a little more of the same fabric to make a matching skirt for Nutmeg.
It is a plain tafetta circle skirt filled with all the joys and pains that go along with a circle skirt. Fantastic look but loads of fabric and nightmarish details. I love my ruffle foot. I need a crinoline.

I got the inspiration for this skirt while watching White Christmas and so I call it the "You don't think I am the Kind of girl that would throw herself at a man do you Skirt" after the scene where the frighteningly skinny Vera-Ellen crawls along a bankette in a checked circle skirt.

You know the one.
I will call Nutmeg's "Mandy" after the should have been cut out and useless to the movie number of the same name. The "Mandy" would probably have actually fit Vera-Ellen.

Thanks, Aunt Janie! I love you!

*Update*  This skirt looks so much better now that i have a proper petticoat!

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Jessica said...

So cute, Kylene!