Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ice Ballerinas

Skating at the Woodland Park skating rink wasn't quite the same as skating at the old Woodland Park pond. I missed the dark, smoky warming hut with ancient grafitti carved by ice skate blades and risking my life to get down the hill to the lumpy and bumpy pond that may or may not be frozen solid. Not one crazy boy climbed to the top of the hill and skated down the hill to land on the ice at great speed.
But there was an Ice Machine which Dad called a "Zambomi" but it was a Honda not a Zamboni. That was cool. You see, it was too warm to skate on the pond and the rink had skates for rent!It could have been a disaster, 3 children and 3 adults only two of them skaters and it was bit overwhelming at the beginning.
But Moose picked it up immediately,
Commander C was determined to figure it out himself,

Boba Fett was aided by the "walker."
Nutmeg refused help so we followed along behind her. Everyone was skating on their own before we left for the day.
Nutmeg liked skating between two people so she could do tricks like the above. She now wants to be an "Ice Ballerina."Grandma skated as hard as anyone and I couldn't have handled 3 kids on the ice without her. We did spins together and she taught me how to spin around while skating backwards. There were races, and cash prizes from Grandpa.
Moose and I skated several laps holding hands and even kissed. Which was fun but not as memorable as my first kiss, which happened behind the Woodland Park warming hut.


Ice Machine said...

I am also a great fan of skating,but due to my busy schedule i have no time for this,you are lucky dear that you are having the time for this.i miss it very much really.........

Shawnel said...

I miss the warming hut too! And those stairs were risky. Even mores so since yo were likely going down them in the dark. Since that is when most would go skating.

Keira said...

Kissing WHO behind the warming hut?! You'll get a name for yourself that way. ;0)

grandmawhitehouse said...

I loved it too. WHo did you kiss behind the warming hut????? Your in trouble now!