Thursday, December 03, 2009

Little Cindy Lou Who

I am now grateful that my garage sale was a bust.

I made this Cindy Lou Who costume 2 years ago for Nutmeg who was just barely two. She wore it once, cried we got a terrible picture and never touched it again. This year I tried to sell it at my garage sale. I tried to sell it at Afton's Garage Sale. I tried to sell it on Craigslist, twice!

Nutmeg has been obsessed with the Grinch for the past 4 days and I dug out the costume 90% sure that it wouldn't fit. I was wrong. It isn't comfy but that doesn't seem to bother Nutmeg who has worn it for 36 consecutive hours. She has also used it as a dust mop as she slithered all over the floor.

She calls herself Little Cindy Windy Lou Who.

We still don't have a decent picture of it.

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Keira said...

Oh my heck, she's cute!