Friday, December 18, 2009

Knuckle Biting Nutcracker

Last night I took my daughter to the Nutcracker. It was her first time as well as mine. It was magical.We dressed to the nines.
Well, O.K., the elevens, those ARE seams.
It was so worth it too, at intermission we got my money's worth in compliments. Nutmeg was the darling, everyone adored her dress and our hairpieces. It almost made us feel as special as the ballerinas!
Let's go back to the beginning. La Kiera, Laura, Kristin and Bella picked us up just a few minutes late but we weren't worried (we had planned plenty of time) until we hit the freeway and saw 8 miles of tail lights ahead of us. I learned something about my best friend last night, she really doesn't like being late, almost as much as me. There was erratic, snippy behavior and cursing which Nutmeg echoed immediately.

We careened into the parking garage at 7:25 the ballet starting at 7:30. We bailed out of the hastily and poorly parked mini van and it was every woman for herself. Kristin and Bella were in the lead as we ran down 4 flights of stairs. Nutmeg and I brought up the tail as I hobbled down the stairs in 3 inch heels while carrying a 3 year old and not wanting to touch the gooey hand rail. I saw Keira glance back at us once as she crossed the street just to make sure I hadn't fallen down the stairwell. At least I like to think that she looked back because she was concerned about my welfare...
We ran across the 2 intersection crossings ignoring the signs and avoiding headlights. Kristin needed to buy tickets and we wished her luck at the box office and hustled in. Disoriented we found our seats which had someone in them. Thanks to the usher for bouncing him. Kristin and Bella did get seats after all and so we all watched The Nutcracker.And I cried a little as the curtain rose. I just knew it was one of those special moments I would remember forever, the night I took my daughter to The Nutcracker.
Nutmeg watched so carefully at the beginning her little head nodding and following each step. That is what I will remember.
The opening party scene could really be cut down in the interest of little patrons. Nutmeg asked when they would start dancing.
The Snowflake dance was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, just beautiful.
After intermission it was hard for Nutmeg to keep her interest she was thirsty, tired and hungry. She couldn't sit still but still she loved seeing the "princesses."
Afterward, we stopped for hot cocoa and in this picture you can see how at 10:30 pm the girls were a little bit strung out. Laura stared off into the distance her eyes glazed over, while Bella and Nutmeg were in a chocolate fueled spiral of hyperactivity feeding off of one another. This picture reminds me of 3 party girls, one is about to pass out while the other two are about ready to start dancing on the table and in the fountain, one with badly smeared make-up.

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Gardners Glad Tidings said...

Truly a perfect moment! Thanks again! Love you more then I can say.

What about the Balle-rhinos? Those were not discussed on your list of pros?