Saturday, December 05, 2009

Chicks and the City

Saturday, La Keira and I went shopping. We went downtown alone, sans children, spouses or entourage.I realize this sounds very...normal, I see it on TV and in the movies all the time, Girlfriends go out shopping and discuss major life decisions in between the racks, but I never do things like this. Moms do not get to go shopping with their friends. Moms go shopping in the midst of errands with kids in tow and hope that things fit because there is no way she is dragging 3 kids into the fitting room. Moms shop online. Moms go shopping in the evenings when somehow the kids are occupied and Dad says he can handle it and she dashes out because all of her jeans have holes in them or a wedding is imminent. Moms do not go shopping in the city with girlfriends and they certainly never get to go to Anthropologie just for fun. This weekend we did.
Saturday marked another milestone, before today Samurai Mom had never EVER been to Anthropolgie. I knew it was 1) a store I would adore, 2) a store I could not afford, and 3) not a store to bring children into and 4) closed when we are downtown on dates.

It was so ever so wonderful. I really loved the kitchen section .And about died in the hardware section. I was a bit disappointed in the clothes but I think it is a seasonal thing. We took pictures of each other looking wistfully and the things, we wanted but couldn't have.
We each ended up buying ourselves a little something, which surprised me as I expected not to be able to afford anything at that store and La Keira got some Christmas shopping done. Lucky relatives.
We vowed that next year we will wait until after we go to Anthropologie together before we buy each other gifts!
Samurai Mom was looking pretty cute in the Swearing Skirt, Beehive Coat and the green rosette headpiece. I was stopped and oogled 3 times. One girl even took pictures of me because she liked my style. Being fabulous has it's perks.
P.S. Down East Basics has a necklace just like this for way less.


Keira said...

FOr some reason I couldn't see this post until this morning...hmmm.

Nevertheless, what a lovely day that sounds like. I wouldn't believe it but I was there I must.

You were a bit of a rock star.

Sarah said...

okay...that just looks like fun. Dang you girls!