Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lucia Day

This year we decided to add some Christmas traditions from the countries of our ancestors. While discovering our Swedish heritage, we decided to adopt Lucia Day because Nutmeg is so very blonde and would make a great Lucia Maiden.It is also a tradition that involves breakfast in bed. I am looking forward to next year when Lucia Day is on a Monday and it won't have to be so early!
Our Lucia served us Kaloche which are Czech though we are not but they were so yummy!


Afton said...

yeah, Nutmeg totally sells the Lucia Maiden. Prolly when they made up the whole Lucia thing and thought of the Lucia Maiden...this is exactly the very vision they had in mind..

Jen Wilson said...

I did this when I was a kid! I had been researching Swedish traditions to get familiar with some family history and decided to do this without telling my parents. I ended up with wax in my hair from the candles, but did not light anything on fire, thank goodness. Fun times.

Lussekatter are fun to make, and you don't need the saffron the recipes call for (though it does turn the rolls a pretty yellow color).