Thursday, January 14, 2010

Butterflies and Tea

I have a problem, Saturday is Nutmeg's Birthday Tea Party and I've got nothing. Well, okay, I have a loose menu and a bunch of butterflies for decorations and will be buying balloons. But I don't know where the gaggle of little girls will sit and partake of their tea nor do I know how I will be keeping them entertained and I still don't have a clearly defined theme or decorating plan.

Poor Nutmeg will probably never get a birthday party ON her actual birthday due to post holiday fatigue and this is her first one. I wouldn't be so stressed out about it if it weren't for my stellar party planning record. I have pulled off some great parties in my time. There was Liz's 21st Birthday Root Beer Kegger, and the First Annual Ghastly Gala, Commander C's Fishy First Birthday Party, and this spring there was the Spy Party.

I have standards to live up to. How can I let my little girl down for her first and my first girl party? She deserves my best effort, if only I could find it.

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Keira said...

It will be fabulous. Sparkly seating? Check!