Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Deep Dark Secrets or Perfidy Most Foul

"I have a secret." I confessed as we lay in bed neither of us sleeping at 1:30 am.
"Oh?" Moose replied.
"I think I want to try sleeping on my back." I admitted gravely.
He a dyed in the wool back sleeper laughed heartily at me but still, he understood how I felt like traitor to the Confederacy of Side and Tummy Sleepers.
We lay there giggling at the absurdity of the situation and yet I spent the rest of the night sleeping on my side not yet ready to commit the final act of treachery.

There is a nice soft spoken chiropractor that runs ads on the radio all about the dangers of stomach sleeping and while I didn't dare listen too hard to the ills of the most comfortable way to sleep, inside there was a little whisper "He's probably right you know."

So the other night I decided to try it. I tried to sleep on my back.
How can anyone possibly sleep like that?

So, to my fellow side and tummy sleepers please forgive my disloyalty. I won't try it again neck pain or no.


grandmawhitehouse said...

I too am a side sleeper but never on my stomach. If you use a pillow like moose has it is possible to sleep on your back.... I still sleep on my side.

Keira said...

He's probably only sleeping on his back to make sure his chin whiskers don't get tucked into the bedding. Sleep on, dear friend.