Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random kauai

Some Random Thoughts from Kauai
-I noticed that even in paradise there is always a line for the ladies' room. When will builders learn? I did not appreciate spending my precious Hawaii time waiting to use the facilities.
-Moose picked flowers for me, it was so romantic and probably not lawful.
-Geckos are cool.
-The restaurants on Kauai were always empty. We could not figure out were everyone was, the food was good. It remains a mystery
-At the Luau we sat next to a nice couple from Chicago. Then we saw them the next day coming off of Captain Andy's boat as we were boarding. Then the next day they were kayaking down the Wialua River as we were kayaking up it. It started to feel a bit creepy.
-Apparently Mark Twain visited Hawaii and had a great deal to say about it. I am afraid I had no appetite for "The Innocents Abroad" once I knew that I COULD have been reading Twain's reflections on Hawaii.
-There is this run down wreck of a hotel on the main road in Kauai called The Coco Palms. You can tell it was quite a place in the 50's, apparently Huricaine Iniki really did a number on it and it didn't bounce back.. We kept saying we should buy that place and fix it up.
When we got home we learned that The Coco Palms was THE place on Kauai, it is quite famous and we are not the only people who want to fix it - we are the only people who don't have the millions upon millions it would cost to buy and restore it. The last 20 minutes of Elvis' film Blue Hawaii is filmed there. Check it out.

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