Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barbie and Asian Barbie

After the Luau Kalamaku the Polynesian Cultural Center had some big shoes to fill, and unfortunately they couldn't. The PCC was good, really good but after the luau on Kauai it was just flat. It was a terribly hot day, the VIP people were obviously getting a better tour than we were and the performers looked like college students on their summer job. The food at the luau wasn't as good and the villages were confusing. I felt alarmed that a church run business was so commercial, they were asking for money right and left. I really hated it.

So as we were watching the canoe parade Moose and I noticed the 2 beautiful girls sitting next to us. They were dressed impeccably and had perfect makeup, manicures and hair. They looked like Barbie dolls. They also had prizewinning muscle-y boyfriends. I am sure they are lovely people and so I present

Barbie and Asian Ken
and Asian Barbie and Asian Ken.

These pictures were taken across the theatre after a long hot day so Barbie has reason to look so angry and we were really hoping that the Asian Kens couldn't see us taking pictures of them because they could have killed us. We were actually thinking Hong Kong Mafia (yes those are tatoos on Asian Ken's guns.)

We couldn't decide if Ken and Ken were friends first and then found Barbies or if Barbie and Asian Barbie were friend and then went and got Kens.

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