Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sushi Town: a review

Last night Moose and I were on a date and had 50 minutes to grab dinner. We swung by Nice Rice only to find that it has closed. Moose was sad because he actually liked a place that he thought I would like. So we drove over to to Sushi Town and tried that.
Sushi Town is a conveyor belt restaurant where all the little dishes with plastic lids rotate along endlessly. You see something you like, you pick it up. Everything is on color coded plates. At the end the waitress counts up how many green, blue, yellow or red plates you have and gives you the bill. It felt a little soviet and a lot Japanese though the employees appeared to be mostly Mexican.
I had 2 plates of Maguro Nigiri (raw tuna), 1 plate of Unagi (grilled freshwater eel), and a specially ordered avocado roll. Moose had a teriyaki chicken bowl.

The tuna was good, the unagi was also good, not the best I have ever had and not bad like the Vancouver Unagi. The avocado roll had a lot of avocado in it and had that taste which is due to the ripeness of the avocado not the preparation. Moose said his teriyaki bowl was terrible. All dishes were notably free from mayonnaise (see Vancouver Unagi.)

So all in all a mixed review. I liked it, it was dirt cheap (all that for less than $11.) Moose will not be condescending again. Maybe I can make it a girl's night out or introduce the kids to sushi in an affordable fashion.

The best part is that you sit on stools around the conveyor belt right next to whomever else is there, and you can eavesdrop on their conversations. For example if you had been sitting next to us you could have overheard this conversation:
Samurai Mom: See this color here, that is why I named Unagi, Unagi.
Moose: Yep.
Samurai Mom: Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that you would be so lucky as to have a wife that named her purse after sushi?
Moose: No, no I didn't.

Then you might have stifled a laugh just as the girl next to me did last night.

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Jenny said...

My hubby and I have loved Sushi Town and that was our favorite sushi place when we lived there. Dan and I just recently found a great place where we live now but we miss Sushi Town.