Friday, August 15, 2008

With a Rebel Yell

With a rebel yell...we ditched work and 102 degree temperatures and went to the beach. We tried Indian Beach at Ecola state park on the recommendation of a friend. We also figured because of the fact that you had to pay to get to the beach that it might not be as crowded as other beaches.
We saw more surfers today that Moose and I did on our trip to Hawaii. There were an abundance of dogs at the beach many of whom had poor beach manners and negligent people. If you are going to have dogs instead of children please teach them to behave as well as children.There were amazing rocks on the beach and I spent a lot of time practicing my rock stacking/balancing skills.
Boba Fett and I took a walk to the rocks at the south end of the beach, were you could see the size of the waves which were impressive.

Moose buried the children. Commander C made a castle

And Nutmeg posed for the camera for precisely zero seconds but she did throw rocks, sand and sass everywhere.
We certainly beat the heat, while the weather at the beach was fine, by the time we left Dooger's for our customary post beach meal it was 60 degrees and we needed our sweatshirts.

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Erika said...

Fun! We are going to the beach next weekend. We just came back from our ward camp out, yippee.