Friday, August 29, 2008

To My Mom

To my Mom, who thinks I am such a great writer. Who is a great artist. Who is a wonderful mother and grandmother. Who is so young and beautiful she is always mistaken for my sister. Who will one day illustrate my book. Who always sewed the most beautiful clothes for me for which I received many compliments and I was so proud. Who never raises her voice or loses her temper. Who is continually telling me to brush my hair (which reminds me of the time she spanked me very lightly with a hairbrush and it broke which was hilarious and now I can tease her about it,) Who loves me unconditionally. Who is a great example. Of whom I can not find a digital photo...(except this one of her hugging/choking Dad.)


Shawnel said...

I second that!

Jenny said...

Your mom is beautiful! I can see where you get your beauty from, you look just like her!