Sunday, August 10, 2008

"They paved paradise and put in a parking lot."

We walked to church today. Aside from starting out 5 minutes late and Commander C's primary teacher nearly running over the kids on the crosswalk, it was uneventful. I thought it would be fun. I love walking to church, in the books I read characters are always walking to church. My mother used to live 3 houses down from the church and would walk, everyone walked, I loved to visit Grandma and walk to church. Ironically, mom's childhood home is now a parking lot for that same church (curiously I was born in the hospital that is now a parking lot for the temple 6 blocks away. The memories of my youth are a tour of parking lots.)
You have never heard such a fuss at church, I heard from every one "Can I give you a ride home?" I told everyone, "Really we are fine. We CHOSE to walk to church". I mean come on, it was a fine day and it is all of 1/3 of a mile. If it weren't for the terrible town homes in my back yard I could see the church and probably tell you how many cars are in the lot. I did call Moose about 3 blocks into the return trip to come and pick us up. The kids were whining and I was embarrassed by all of the people pulling up along side us and offering rides. He met me in the parking lot of the pub, also, ironic.

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