Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Airport Island Style

Friday (June 20) we woke up early and hit Tunnels beach for some last minute snorkeling and stopped by the Queen's Bath again. Then we went back to the hotel and packed up so that we could stop at every Dirt Shirt Store on the Island looking for just the right one. We eventually found it. We drove up to the Wialua Falls overlook and then bid Kauai and our Jeep goodbye at the airport.
There was the most adorable couple playing live music in the airport as we waited for our flight. I just loved the way they sounded and they were so cute. Nicki is posing here on the woman's guitar. She was so nice she gave me a pretty lei the only trouble is that it smelled so bad. It was called a 10 cent flower lei, by the time I got to the big island I thought I would be sick from the smell.
This is a picture of the clocks in the Lihue airport. See how each is labeled a different city? The trouble is that they are all set to the same time!
We flew first class on Hawaiian Air to Honolulu then Hilo it was cheaper than coach, but it wasn't very first classy, we were just the first seats in the plane.
While we were killing time in the Honolulu airport waiting for our flight to Hilo we wandered into the now abandoned Aloha Airlines wing of the airport and like any self respecting tourists took pictures while it still existed. We weren't the only ones. The lady who took this picture was doing the same thing.

I won't discuss how the rest of my airport experiences were but I did forget a water bottle in my bag and got a sheepish rebuke from the TSA guy. It is as if he knew this was ridiculous as he threw the brand new unopened bottle into the trash. I am just glad they didn't find my smuggled lei needle!

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