Friday, July 31, 2009

Cfengine and Otherstuff

Today is (National?) Systems Administrator Appreciation Day. Since Moose is my number one SysAdmin I just wanted to give a little shout out to all the blokes (and gals) who work hard to keep systems up and running so people can get work done and watch funny things on Youtube. (BTW those are NOT Moose's feet, he ALWAYS wears socks and never wears cool shoes like that.)
In other news I spent 40 minutes and several miles today getting farm fresh eggs but it was worth it because I save $1.50 per dozen compared to other farm fresh eggs and they have Aracauna eggs, which are blue green and make my heart leap every time.
Also, my super sweet friend has offered to let me use her pool everyday so that I can get my kids swimming. So this week, I donned a new hat, that of swimming instructor. We are planning to go every day but beach day and Sunday until Nutmeg and Boba Fett are little fishes.

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