Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Of Shoes and Ships and Sailing Wax...

Today was beach day again. We ended up going alone which was actually quite nice (except for the hauling of the gear with no adult help.) We landed at Indian beach again as I am determined to at least break even with my State Park Pass.
After dropping our gear in a heap we made a dash for the tide pools, there wasn't much to see. Perhaps, if one is there earlier? So far Arcadia has been to best beach for tide pools. I did manage to snap a photo of these three marine creatures before I damaged one of them.You see, Boba Fett is a very cautious creature and balancing on barnacle encrusted rock is not something he is very deft at yet. I was trying to hustle him back to a safer spot and he was too heavy for me and I scraped his knees on the rock. I must say he was very brave and barely whimpered.
This not Nutmeg but a ocean side mountain goat. Note the uncanny ability to find a spot to place her foot or hand to climb a rock.Also see the long skinny legs much like a traditional mountain goat, the hair is also the same color as a mountain goat as is the irrepressible desire to climb. I see a future in rock climbing and I don't like it.
After lunch there was digging and reading followed by rushing madly into the icy waves squealing from the cold. Your feet finally go numb at about 5 minutes and then it is very fun to go in deeper. I was the one squealing in the waves with the kids staggered several paces behind me.
As always Indian Beach calls for rock stacking. Nutmeg showed some skill at it as did Commander C. Here he is with the first of the 2 tallest stacks of the day.
I moved on to some installation art...

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grandmawhitehouse said...

What fun! So creative with the rock stacking