Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interview with a Samurai pt. 2

#6 What are two bad habits you have (that are shareable)? Which would you be willing to give up first?

I am very messy and I do not clean up after myself. It is really, really bad and applies to all areas of my life. I am a slob. I would like to give up both first but I know I will never conquer either of them.

#7: Mormons believe in having a perfected body in the hereafter. We've all thought about it. My best me looks like Angie Harmon or Katherine Zeta-Jones. Who does your best you look like?
Honestly, I am pretty happy with myself. The things I would change are minor but practical. I would have a skinnier feet so I could wear cute shoes and a normal back so bras would fit properly - but I highly doubt there will be bras in heaven. If there are it won't be heaven. Slightly redder hair, a little off of the inner thighs and lose the baby belly but keep the stretch marks. I have come to think of them (the stretch marks) as badges of honor, like a God given tattoo for each child. And of course, better "assets." Same size just less obedient to gravity.

George Lucas told Carrie Fisher that there was "no jiggling in the Empire". That's heaven to me.

#8: When you log onto your computer each morning, what are the first three sites you check?

This is very boring. Facebook, Gmail, and to check my links

#9: Nature or nurture? Explain your answer.
Nurture. Nature is important there are certain parts of our personality that can not or should not be changed. I believe that with proper nurturing those traits can become profitable strengths rather than liabilities.

For example: Commander C has a very strong sense of justice and a predisposition toward revenge. I hope that we can help him become a strong man that uses those feelings to speak up for the downtrodden and do what is right, to practice compassion and forgiveness. I am terrified that if we mess up he will become a serial killer.

Besides, the Proclamation on the Family says "Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children." Naturally, I think my job is the most important.

#10: Explain your love of all things retro. (kitsch-factor, workmanship, originality...?)
I gravitate to classic lines, things that are timeless. I like elegance and strength. I love things that make me feel feminine but aren't necessarily covered in flowers and lace. I find the kitch factor irresistible, kitchy things are so absurd but practical all in one. I certainly love having something unique that no one else has it makes me feel special. I also love that the things I love have had a life before I met them. Was my wedding ring a treasured symbol of devotion or a trinket from and admirer? Was the person who painted Danvers satisfied? What kind of events did my garden dress go to when it was new?That is a very Miniver-ian outlook, if I may say so.

Okay, last question: You have a ton of hobbies and as far as I can tell you do them all well. Sewing, knitting, cross-stitch, blogging, revolution inciting... What is your favorite?

I really enjoy embroidery and think it is my favorite form of needlework but I don't do it very often. There is nothing like the satisfaction of a well done monogram.
Knitting however; knitting I obsess over from fall to mid spring. It relaxes me. One day I was a little testy and Moose said that I should go knit something and calm down. I did.

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