Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Summer of the Beach

This summer is the summer of the beach.
The funny thing about living only an hour away from the beach is that you never go. This summer I decided to take a stand. We would go to the beach every week. Mix into this schedule a week of Cub Scout camp and a ward camp out and you have an exhausted mama.Boba Fett at Seaside on the 4th. He is actually crying because we told him he had to get out of the hole, not because we put him in the hole.

Jellyfish at Indian Beach. Boba Fett begged me to take a picture of each dead jellyfish we found that morning.Tide pools at Indian Beach.
Stacking Rocks at Indian Beach. Thanks to the Grovers for coming with us. We had so much fun.Commander C at Cub Camp learning how to lasso a cute sawhorse long horn.
Loving on The Domingo while La Keira and I read etiquette books and planned our cinema group. Doing my shift at camp was so much easier with a friend to chat with.
Commander C practicing his Robin Hood.
I took the kids to the ward camp-out. The hammock was the hit of camp. I attracted kids from 6 months old to 16 years old. Moose took Nutmeg home for the actual sleeping while I slept in the tent with the boys. I love sleeping in tents!
One of the many creatures abused by children at the camp out. Don't fret, the adults were abused by the peacocks, crows and frogs making a racket all night long.
Tide pool at Arcadia beach.
Spencer at the cool tide pool we found alone. That kid is so cute.
Loving on The Domingo again. La Keira and I both managed a nice sunburn due to the fact that we were too lazy to reach 5 feet over and get out the sunscreen. The kids are finely bronzed.

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Shawnel said...

Looks like fun! I wish I could come.