Friday, July 03, 2009

Proclaiming Liberty

My last post has caused quite a stir. As they say "Sometimes stating the obvious is revolutionary." (anyone know where that came from?)

I passed the post on to a few friends and before I knew it Lars Larson was reading my entire post on both his local and national shows, the phone was ringing off the hook, I was getting telephone calls from people I have voted for in the past. Talk about pressure. I feel obligated to make profound political statements in every post now. I was also given a super secret assignment.

Part of my assignment involves me going to the Hillsboro Parade and the Tea Party Rally in Hillsboro tomorrow. I couldn't just march in the parade, opportunities like these don't happen every day, and so, Liberty Bell and I will be at the parade together.I have spent the better part of the day reorganizing our Independence Day Celebration plans, planning my costume and decorating Liberty Bell for the Parade. I will of course be handing out free copies of The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.

Shout out "Samurai Mom" if you see me!
Here's hoping my curls hold.

****There is now video of the Town Hall meeting with Congressman Wu here and here****

1 comment: said...

Dear Mom,
I am proud of you. Now........what we need you to do .......Take Wu's seat.

You have the power. YOu are clean, unspoiled, fresh, smart, and you have the chutzpa. You have struck a chord. Just announce that YOU will have his seat after the 2010 elections. You WILL win. You will have ths upport of your church, and the Rep. party. Maybe think about running independent, as the Reps are tarnished, and are NO better than the Dems. When you Win, don't get arrogant, and just hunker down and do the job. Don't go off half cocked like Palin. God knows what she's up to, but she's been bought. Johon McCain was put there for the specific purpose of losing the election. He is a turncoat. Trust NO one in the Rep party, unless they give you reason to trust. Good luck kid.