Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday Night Cinema

Tonight, as I am busy celebrating the signing of The Declaration of Independence by watching my boys blow things up on the beach and as I am busy with my top secret mission, I am outsourcing my film recommendation. I have not yet seen it but La Keira recommends it as a top notch 4th of July film. I have it at the top of my Netflix queue.

Meet John Doe
Date: 1941
Starring: Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper (super duper)
Directed by: Frank Capra

Apparently the story of how the media puts a man in office to do their bidding. Timely?
Read a review here. You can watch it instantly on Netflix.
Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper together, how could it go wrong?

***Update: I watched this last night and it is very nice. 6 out of 7 thimbles.***

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Shawnel said...

I watched this today. It was pretty good. Very Patriotic