Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interview with a Samurai, pt.1

As my life is SO mysterious, and inquiring minds DO want to know, La Keira has very kindly volunteered to do an interview with Samurai Mom to answer many of your pressing questions. I hope you enjoy it, I did.

#1: Living in Portland, as you do, I imagine you see a lot of bumper stickers. I saw a particularly self-righteous one the other day that said "What exactly do conservatives want to conserve?" Wow. What a zinger. Here's your chance to respond. I'd like at least three bullet points.

Your Money,
Your Rights,
Your Liberties,
and possibly,Your Sanity

#2: I know your home schooling style is inspired in part by Thomas Jefferson but I can't bring myself to like the guy (Declaration notwithstanding, it's gonna take some time for me to get past the Sally Hemmings thing). So, my question is, which Founding Father do you most relate to and (if different) who would you like to spend a dinner with? Why?Though I haven't studied him much, I think that I most identify with Patrick Henry. I don't think that I have all the ideas but I know correct principles when I see them and they burn within me and become part of me. I hope to be a "radical" as he was and maybe one day if needed to come up with a phrase as patriotic as "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
I don't want to mince words, I want to speak the truth.

As for dinner I would like to break bread with John and Abigail Adams because after reading McCullough's biography how could one not adore and admire John Adams?

#3: You, like me, are a collector of the fabulous. What item in your home do you have an inexplicable passion/unhealthy obsession for?
I simply cannot choose just one. This answer will be woefully inaccurate no matter the answer I choose so I am going to say that currently I am in love with colanders though I am limiting myself to possessing only 4. Also, there is Danvers, my ceramic duck filled with knitting needles, perhaps my favorite item.

And Books. I love books, even if I never read all of them, I love books.

#4: Speaking of books...The character Desmond on LOST is saving up a copy of "Our Mutual Friend" to read as the last book he ever reads in his life. Do you have a favorite book that you wish you could unread and save for just such an occasion?
I am having trouble with this one. First, I would say Jane Eyre but Jane Eyre has so many lessons that I have needed in this life, I would hate to have gone without them. Second, I would like to say Mrs. Miniver but again I can't imagine a world without knowing the joys of Mrs. Miniver. Just think of bidding on an auction emotionally because something looks lonely and not knowing that Mrs. Miniver would do the same thing.
I choose Rebecca. Rebecca is one of my favorite books but I fully admit that the life lessons learned therein are faulty and one doesn't learn much in that respect. It would be delightful for the last book read to begin "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderly again."

#5 I know that you loved your time in London. Where was your favorite place there? What time of day? What should it smell like?

I loved to walk along the Thames at night. Always with a friend, not because I was ever afraid for my safety in London Town but because walking along the Thames is a time for conversation. We would walk along the embankment and then cross to the south using Lambeth Bridge, then Westminster enchanted by the Houses of Parliament waving to Boadicea as we passed. Then skip Hungerford past the sphinxes and on to my favorite, Waterloo, which leads to the Royal National Theatre and up to the elaborately painted Blackfriars bridge. If it wasn't too late and the conversation was still good there was Tower Bridge via the New Globe Theatre, but not often. It smells like roasted chestnuts and crisp fall air. Chestnuts taste terrible but smell delicious and I am sure the Thames smells but if it does I can't recall the scent. be continued. Tune in tomorrow to find out my bad habits, psychological philosophy, and what I will look like in heaven in Interview with a Samurai, pt.2

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